Getting Healthier by Changing Bad Habits

Stop Smoking

I am always inspired by others who make concerted efforts to get healthier.  So when Carole, the 52 year old woman who cleans our house each week  told me that she was trying to stop her two pack a day smoking habit after 36 years, I sat up and took notice.  She now hasn’t had a cigarette in six weeks, so she is making amazing progress.  Importantly, I asked her what caused her to quit and what is enabling her to stick with this effort. Continue reading


Top Ten Books on Comparative Capitalism

Enjoy Capitalism

Capitalism is the predominant economic system operating throughout the world today.  While definitions of capitalism vary, it is essentially a socio-economic system of governance which emphasizes private ownership of capital, a relatively unrestricted market for labor, and the price mechanism is the primary mechanism for allocating capital.  However, there are many different models of capitalism operating throughout the world.  Each model is a result of a nation’s unique history and current cultural predisposition.  For example, both the United States and Japan are capitalistic economies, but their approaches to capitalism are remarkably different.  Continue reading

Leadership as Force Field Alignment

Birds flying around earth

Did you know that birds navigate by sensing the magnetic force fields surrounding the earth?  Two researchers at Baylor College of Medicine recently recently discovered this fact, and the implications for the natural world are considerable.  That got me to thinking about the social world – what if those in leadership positions could learn to navigate by a clear force field?  In other words, what if they could learn follow their own true north and enable others to do so as well?  The metaphor of a moral compass seems much more real within this context. Continue reading

George Washington as a Model Leader

George Washington Headshot

I’ve been reading the Pulitzer prize winning book “1776” by David McCullough.  It is a fascinating story about those who followed General George Washington in the year of the Declaration of Independence for the 13 American colonies.  Washington was named commander in chief even though he had no formal training in the military arts or any experience in leading others into battle.  Continue reading

The Iron Law of Responsibility

Self-Regulation Puzzle piece

In the social sciences, there aren’t too many “lawlike” patterns.  However, the iron law of responsibility is an exception and speaks to many governance problems in today’s society.  The essence of the law is as follows: “Those who fail to regulate themselves will be regulated by others.” Continue reading